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    RTXPS  On-line Reference Manual

      Release Level 2.0
      Release Date 2012 06
      Revision Level 1.0
    Document was last modified on:   Monday, 13-Aug-12 08:52 CEST
    DESCRIPTOR editor

    RTXPS provides an interactive, graphical on-screen editor for DESCRIPTORS.

    DESCRIPTORs are organized in a (ranking) object selector. This provides access to their definitions, including the setting of legal values, symbols, with or without associated numerical ranges.

    The values of Descriptors can be set:

    • by any function that has access to the dynamic knowldege base, including the XPS backward chaining RULES (the concequence or ACTION clause is alwasy an asssignment of a DESCRIPTOR value)
    • by the operator/user interactively.

    For the interactive editing of DESCRIPTORS, a dedicated interactive editor is provided as a pop-up HTML page.aThe ditror shows a summary of the DESCRIPTOR interpretation, its unit, the applicable values (symbols and numerical rang where applicable, and support both a graphical analog setting of values, selecvtion of a symbolic range (the actual value defaults to the respective median), or direct numerical entry.

    An optional text (info) file provide addition background information on the DESCRIPOTR, its interpretation and use within the system. A unit converted can be used to convert data in a unit of measurement different from the one defined for the Descriptor.

    Where RULES are defined (target RULES) that can set the DESCRIPTOR value, the backward chaining inference engine can be triggered from the editor.

    For any changtes of DESCRIPTOR values, a dynamic change log is maintained.

    Data base implementation

    • Descriptor values

      The current descriptor value is saved in a standard triple column table like:

      FieldTypeNull Key DefaultDescription
      ID int(10) unsigned NO PRI 0
      DESCRIPTOR varchar(32) NO PRI
      VALUE varchar(255) NO depending on the display function used, value is shown as string (symbolic) or float

    • Descriptor change log

      mysql> describe desc_log;
      FieldTypeNull Key DefaultDescription
      id int(11) YES MUL NULL
      name varchar(255)YES NULL internal name, must not be changed once referenced
      user varchar(255) YES NULL user responsible for the change, if interactive
      dt datetime YES NULL timestamp of the change
      rule int(11) YES NULL rule that made the change (if changed by inference)
      value varchar(255) YES NULL


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