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      Release Level 2.0
      Release Date 2012 06
      Revision Level 1.0
    Document was last modified on:   Monday, 13-Aug-12 16:33 CEST

    HTML display: in text rules

    The make the dynamic display and updates of HTMP pages (application status board) more flexible, the pages either:

    • generate and display alternative pages from different TEMPLATES, RULE based;
    • insert variable/conditional text components with RULES embedded in the TEMPLATES directly.

    A syntax example that illustrates the response to an embedded test result is given below:

                SOME TEXT AND IMAGERY, plain HTML code
        \else() SOME OTHER CONTENT

        FOR EXAMPLE: \if(N_of_points > 0) \value(answer)   (which is correct) ready to continue ..... \else() simply wrong, sorry ..... Would you like to try again ? \endif()

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