LUC :  Reference Manual
    Release Level 1.0
    Release Date 2008 11
    Revision Level 1.0

LUC: tabular model output

The tabular model output provides a numerical summary of model results: this is a list or table of the year by year percentage shares of the land use classes within the overall area.

Each row of the table represents one simulation timestep (currently: one year), while each column represents a land use class deignated by its (CORINE) code and the user defined color.

The values describe the percentage share of the respective land use class, thus they should be summing up to 100 across the columns in a row for any given year.

Selecting either a source or target land use class from the table margins leads to a detailed graphical display and summary statistics.

For any one of the land use classes, or the drived attributed calculated from the landuse classes, a graph showing its development over time can be generated by selecting the respective class color from the header of the table.

The time series graph shows the evolution of the respective coverage, as well as initial and final percentage in the header.

For the analysis of the relationship of variables, a second layer of analysis is available: for each parameter displayed, a second variable can be selected from apull-down menu to generate both

  • a combined time series graph of both variables
  • a scattergram and summary of the correlation or coincidence statistics.

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