LUC :  Reference Manual
    Release Level 1.0
    Release Date 2008 11
    Revision Level 1.0

Land Use Change: model interface

The model is accessible either from:
  1. A model start page, leading to either the editor or the viewer tools;
  2. The scenario listing, that provides a view and a run button.

From the editor pages, a model run with a modified scenario can be started: run depending on the number of classes, size and resolution of the land use map, and the number of rules used, this can take up to a few minutes for a 25 year run.

PLEASE NOTE: scenario management for the LUC model including dynamic job control is currently under development.

The model output consists currently of two main pages:

  • A model viewer or media player for the animation, combines a display of the dynamic land use map, with a scale bar, its legend, and a tape deck for the animation or step by step viewing of the indivudal annual results.
  • A tabular summary of the year by year percentage shares of the land use classes within the overall area.
  • A display of the evolution of major variables, driving forces or derived, or selected land use clases over the years, as time series graphs (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED).


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