LUC :  Reference Manual
    Release Level 1.0
    Release Date 2008 11
    Revision Level 1.0

Scenario editor, transition matrices

LUC works in terms of transition probabilities and modifying rules. The numbers represent that probability that within a given time step, the source land use class (row) gets converted into the target class (column). A value of 500 (promille) would indicate a 50:50 chance, a value of 100 a 1:10 chance, and a value of 1,000 a mandatory transition.

For the matrix of transition probabilities, a specific editor is provided.

In the matrix, each cell represnts the probability (in promille) of a transition from the row class to the column class.

The values in the diagonal cell represent the probability that no change takes place, they are the residual to make up the total of 1,000 across each row.

If the sum of probabilities the user specifies in an individual row exceeds 1,000 promille or 1.0, the diagonal cell shows the excess on a red background to alert the user.

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