LUC :  Reference Manual
    Release Level 1.0
    Release Date 2008 11
    Revision Level 1.0

CORINE X.x second level classification

LUC can use any set of well defined land use classes in principle. Land use classes, the associated color codes, transition probabilities, Rules, and map legends are entirely data driven.

The default land use classes used in LUC (and assigned to any new scenario initially unless defined differently at the GIS landuse map (initial conditions) are based on the EEA CORINE land use classification, which, however, is open for the addition of new classes within the basic hierarchy as required.

    1.1.Urban fabric
      1.1.1 Contiguous urban fabric, dense
      1.1.2 Non-contiguous urban fabric, suburban 
    1.2 Industrial, commercial and transport units
    1.3 Mine, dump and construction sites
    1.4 Artificial non-agricultural vegetated areas
    2.1 Arable land
    2.2 Permanent crops
    2.3 Pastures
    2.4 Heterogeneous agricultural areas
    3.1 Forest
    3.2 Shrubs and/or herbaceous vegetation associations
    3.3 Open spaces with little or no vegetation
    4.1 Inland wetlands
    4.2 Coastal wetlands
    5.1 Inland waters
    5.2 Marine waters

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