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  Release Level 5.6
  Release Date 2009 09
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Monday, 20-Jul-09 14:03 CEST

Model validation: observed vs simulated
The "validation" button from the model scenario level leads to a page for model validation, based on the comparison of models results and corresponding observations (monitoring data).

The model validation page includes:

  • a header with the model scenario name and date;

  • a summary evaluation of the "goodness of fit" according to the EU Directive 1999/30/EC on model accuracy, that defines the precentage of all data pairs (observed vs simulated) that comply with the Directive;
  • a time series of observed and simulated data for a default stations together with a station selector;

  • maps with the corresponding station locations, and an overview of the model domain for the scenario selected with the position of the default (current) monitoring station;

  • a (scrollable) list of all monitoring stations (only stations that hold relevant monitoring data are included) that indicates the average and maximum of observed and simulated data for the respective station in this scenario/period together with the model performance (% compliance with 1999/30/EC or a user defined model accuracy requirement: the model accuracy (allowable deviation threshold) shown over the station list in BLUES is a hot link for the editing of a user defined value.

  • a scattergram of all stations versus the corresponding model results, with the data point of the current ststaion highlighted in RED. The scattergram also shows a perfect regression line, and a shaded are around that line indicating the acceptable model performance region according to the user defined level of accuracy (default: 1999/30/EC).

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