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      User Management

      ASP systems provide their own user management and authentication system - in addition to the Linux operating system level - that can be configured to provide selective access for local or external users to different levels of functionality in the system.

      User access is based on the concepts of GROUPS and SERVICES: a user belongs to a group which has read-write access to set of services provided by the system.

      User administration is only accessible to admin group users. The link to the user administration tools   is on the of the respective application.

      The primary access to the tool is a list of current users.

      The listing provides user name, first and last name, creation date, status (activated or not) and the last access date for the user.

      The auxiliary buttons are GROUPS and NEW;

      NEW offers and empty template to add a new user;
      GROUPS edits groups and the associated service access rights.

      Selecting a user record leads to a page to edit the userprofile, including the option to delete a user. The user profile includes the user name, first and last name, status (active or not), group membership, and an email address that can be user to send a password reminder on request. The ADMIN group user can also set or modify a password for a user here.


      This shows the list of available GROUPS, leading to an editing page for groups, where the individual SERVICES a group can access can be selected, enabled or disabled.


      The individual modules of a system can have specific access rights and restrictions, defined for individual user groups. These SERVICES include:
      1. ADMIN: administrative tools including user management;
      2. MONITORING: monitoring data analysis

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