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      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 7.0
        Revision Level beta
        Release Date 2015 03

      Last modified on:   Monday, 30-Nov-15 07:31 CET

      Time Series Data Import: manual, incremental

      AirWare uses a common data base representation for OBSERVATION and monitoring time series data in a simple format:
      1. for meteorological observations, including simulated observations populated from model results;
      2. for air quality observations, including sdimulated observation populated from model results;
      3. for emission data (large stacks//boilers).

      Data import

      To import data three different mechanisms are supported:
      1. automatic import from a data base at scheduled intervalls;
      2. manual import of a complete time series (historical data)
        (at the level of the monitoring station object)
      3. manual updated of an existing time series
        (at the level of the individual time series)
      In both cases a button in the header of the page is offered:
      • import TS at the level of the monitoring station, leading a
        pop-up window for the specific import dialog to add a completely new timeseries to a station.
      • import at the level of the time series, again leading to a
        pop-up window with the specific import dialog to update existing time series.

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