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      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 7.0
        Revision Level beta
        Release Date 2015 03

      Last modified on:   Sunday, 29-Nov-15 22:57 CET

      Time Series Data

      AirWare uses two a common data base representation for OBSERVATION and monitoring time series data in a simple format:
      1. for meteorological observations;
      2. for air quality observations
      3. for emisison data (large stacks//boilers).
      These data can be historical or real-time with continuous, regular updates.

      Time series data are associated either with:

      1. A monitoring station object;
      2. A stack/boiler object in case of emission data.

      The available time series can be sorted by variable as well as starting date.

      Buttons are available (view, select) to select a given time series, or to first view it, which shows the time series graph together with basic descriptive statistics.

      For monitoring stations that include WIND DIRECTION A special analysis of ther wind rose is provided by the ANALYSIS button: the wind rose is generated for 22.5 degree slots.

      Patching missing values

      Gaps of up to three missing values can be patched with the PATCH button: the values inserted are either based on linear interpolation, or, in the case of wind direction, simplex extrapolation of the last legal value.

      A small dialog (pop-up)wind reports on the number of succesful or failed patch attempts. Patched values are marked and shown in GREY in the time series display.

      To drop all patched value, a reset button can be used. All patched values will again be replaced by a missing value code (-9999).

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