AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03


Individual objects are displayed using HTML-style TEMPLATES.

The TEMPLATE to use for a given OBJECT class is defined in the data base RBO, table: CLASS.
The TEMPLATE being used for a given OBJECT display screen is shown at the bottom of the screen, in the footer.

The TEMPLATE files themselves are located in the directory:


a typical set used in AirWare is listed below:
Please note: there are also cases where rbo.cgi is called directly by passing template name via environment var, rather than using standad rbo.php; for a more complete listing from the data base, see:   DB table: all templates

    aermod chem_db ecosite industrial_park mm5 powerplant times
    airmodels cities eia line_source mobile_source puff timeseries
    airtechnologies cities_area emission luc modflow puff_aggr traffic
    animations classconf emission_factor main monitoring receptor_area treatment
    area_source cmaq emission_pattern main_3G municipality report volume_source
    bath coastal_habitat emission_report manuals noise requirement waste_stream
    boiler complex_source emission_source map obstacle roms windf
    building container facility mapserver optimization scripts building_points
    DMCoptim fuel marine_species pbm shared camx documents
    glossary marine_vessels pbmoptim slideshow camx_result domain habitat
    metamatrix permit small_stack CensusTracts dustent holiday meteo
    pop student

The TEMPLATE is a standard HTML file; it is parsed before display, and specific escape sequences or tags to add dynamic content into the HTML file include:

  1. \include(template/standard_head.html)   including any common files (in this case, for the common object header);
  2. \name(DESCRIPTOR), which displays the display name: of the Descriptor DESCRIPTOR;
  3. \ask(DESCRIPTOR), which will display the current value (including undefined) for the Descriptor as an active link in blue, which will trigger the editing dialog.
  4. \value(DESCRIPTOR), which will display the current value (including undefined) for the Descriptor as a read-only string;
  5. \unit(DESCRIPTOR), will display the unit of the Descriptor DESCRIPTOR.

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