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  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

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Last modified on:   Thursday, 3-Dec-15 12:28 CET

Shell scripts

Shell scripts for running interactive, Nowcast and Forecast model scenarios:





MM5 meteorological data downloads:

Data download uses following scripts:

      /app/data/gfs/get_gfs.php downloads gfs data
      /app/data/gfs/ ungribs gfs data calling
      /app/data/gfs/ downloads fnl data
      /app/data/gfs/ ungribs fnl data calling
      /app/data/pregid/ reads gfs grib data for forecast
      /app/data/pregid/ reads fnl grib data for historical scenarios

MM5 model runs

Directory:   model run main path is   /app/mm5/mm5_location/

      MM5 related scripts: runs daily forecast runs historical scenario imports log message to GLOBAL_LOG.LOG
      regridder/ creates namelist.input file for regridder
      regridder/regridder regrids input data to mm5 horizontal grid
      INTERPF/ creates namelist.input file for interpf
      INTERPF/interpf interpolates input data to mm5 vertical grid
      MM5/mm5.deck mm5 setup file for model run, creates namelist file mmlif
      MM5/Run/ copies input files to model run directory
      MM5/Run/mm5.exe mm5 model executable
      MM5toCAMx/ creates mm5camx.job input file for mm5camx.linux
      MM5toCAMx/run_mm5camx runs mm5camx.linux and saves data in MM5_OUTPUT
      MM5_IMPORT/ imports general mm5 scenario info
      MM5 related files:
      MM5/configure.user mm5 model configuration file
      TERRAIN/TERRAIN_DOMAINx mm5 grid files
      MM5/Run/GENPARM.TBL table with general parameters
      MM5/Run/LANDUSE.TBL table with land use categories
      MM5/Run/SOILPARM.TBL table with soil parameters
      MM5/Run/VEGPARM.TBL table with vegetation parameters)

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