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  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

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Road networks describe topological networks of line sources that represent street or road segments and hold their emission data.

A Road network is a named OBJECT. Its description consists of the standard OBJECT header and META DATA, including name and description. It is characterized by its component segments, and it is shown on the associated MAP. A large-scale display and zooming function support the viewing of detailed networks.

The specific attributes of a road network beyond its standard META DATA include:

  1. associated model domain;
  2. number of nodes and segments, total length;
  3. method of generation (reference to external transportation models).
The network consistes of a list of NODES with their X and Y coordinates, and a list of segments, that connect to at most two nodes. The segment link to the corresponding line source object and its attribute.

Every node must be connected to at least one SEGMENT. The number of nodes in a well connected network must not exceed the number of segments by more than one.

Please Note: a network is an optional and auxiliary construct. Line sources are, in principle, potentially independent objects that require no connectivity for their use as emission sources.

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