AirWare   On-line Reference Manual

Release Level 5.3.0 beta
Release Date 2007 06
Revision Level 1.1

Receptor Areas

Receptor areas describe arbitrary areas of special interest that can be used for impact assessment or the identification of monitoring station locations.

All receptor areas are OBJECTs and have the standard OBJECT META DATA associated that include:

  • name, short descriptiopn, owner, creation and last modification date of the object description data or geometry;
  • Hypertext description (with import function) including optional imagery; HTML files and images (GIF, JPEG) can be imported from the client with a local file browser.
  • Type specific attributes (Descriptors):

    • Total area (used defined)
    • Population (user defined)
Please note that the set of descriptive attributes is open and data driven; the set can be extended by:
  • defining an appropriate Descriptor;
  • adding a reference to the object class specific TEMPLATE file
the list can be extended, fully data driven.

  • Type specific geometry:
    a receptor area is define by a single, arbitrary polygon that can be imported as an ArcView Shapefile with a selected feature ID, see below.

Geometry/Polygon import:

An import function supports the import of polygon definition as shape files from ArcView.

The interactive polygon import dialog includes a browser option on the local client, and requires the specification of the features ID of the polygon boundaries in the shapefile imported.

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