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  Release Level 5.4
  Release Date 2008 10
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Monday, 20-Jul-09 14:03 CEST

Emission inventories: Point Source Data

The point Sources are dynamically instantiated OBJECTs with the standard object header data.

The Point Source Summary Page provides a summary view and statistical analysis of all point sources in the inventory, grouped or filtered by the domain selected, starting with the default domain. The domain provides the geographical definition of a (sub)area of interest.

The data reported include:

  • The total number of point sources, split into: industrial plants (boilers and stacks); small stacks;
  • The last modification date of any one entry;
  • Stack parameters: average, minimum and maximum stack height;
  • Sum of emissions by substance over all sources, total and grouped into the two stack groups (industrial plants versus small stacks):
    • SO2 emissions (total, average, max);
    • NOx emissions (total, average, max);
    • CO emissions (total, average, max);
    • PM-10 and PM-2.5 emissions (total, average, max);
    • VOC emissions (total, average, max).
  • Number of industrial plants
  • Distribution of source numbers and emissions (user selectable, default is SO2) by SOURCE TYPE, shown as pie charts.
In parallel, a MAP of the current domain with a symbol at each source location is shown.

Data Base Representation

Please note: point sources are OBJECTS, that have an OPEN data structure, driven by the HTML TEMPLATES that define the display and editing of the object. The list below corresponds to the current (default) implementation. For all DESCRIPTORS, the set of valid symbols, valid numerical range, and unit are defined in the systems Knowledge Base.

CLASSID ID links to CLASS TABLE and definitions
code optional reference code from original data source
county symbolic geo-reference
CO_emission_gps average/default emission rate, CO
CREATED META: creation date
DESCRIPTION META: description text
emission_source_status status indicator (values defined in the Descriptor)
exit_temperature flue gas exit temperature
exit_velocity flue gas exit velocity
EXTENT width of the area shown around the OBJECT on the map
fuel list of symbolic fluel names
GX georeference, X ccordinate
GY georeference, Y coordinate
isic ISIC, standard industrial classification code
LOCATIONID ID of LOCATION (symbolic georeference concept)
MAPID ID of associated background map
MODIFIED META: last modification date
NAME META: Object name
NH3_emission_gps average/default emission rate: NH3
NO2_emission_gps average/default emission rate: NO2
NOX_emission_gps average/default emission rate: NOx
NO_emission_gps average/default emission rate: NO
no_ratio average/default default NO/NO2 ratio
OWNER META: owner (user that created the object)
PLANTID optional reference to an PLANT object including this source
PM10_emission_gps average/default emission rate: PM10
small_stack_type set of symbolic classification values
stack_diameter stack diameter
stack_height physical stack height
VOC_emission_gps average/default emission rate: VOC

SMALL_STACK: descriptor='small_stack_type'
Fuel Combustion symbolic classification/label
Industrial Combustion symbolic classification/label
Industrial Process symbolic classification/label
Non-industrial Combustion symbolic classification/label
Waste Treatment symbolic classification/label

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