AirWare   On-line Reference Manual

  Release Level 5.4
  Release Date 2008 10
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Monday, 20-Jul-09 14:03 CEST

Object location

Most OBJECTS are located in space can be georeferenced

In AirWare, the embedded GIS and MapServer provide background maps for the display of object location. The default background map is associated with the LOCATION of the application or project.

For the display of a each object in space, the following data are used:

  1. a reference point that defines the position;
  2. a MAP ID that defines the map to be used (default associated with the project/application through the concept of LOCATION);
  3. an EXTENT that defines a radius around the object that should be shown on the MAP; together with the reference point (x and y coordinates) this defines a VIEWPORT to use for the object/map display;
  4. A SYMBOL ID that defines HOW the object should be shown on the map (default symbol: a red circle).

Changing Position/Viewport and MAP ID

To locate an OBJECT on the map, change the map extent to be shown around it, and compose/choose the background maps to be shown, and EDIT button at the OBJECT DATA BASE level map display leads to the COMPOSER.

There the current (default) map with the current (OBJECT specific) location and extent are shown.

The user can:

  1. move the OBJECT position by clicking on any point on the map; the map will be redrawn with the new position in the center, the same background and extent subject to the constraint that the background map will cover the entire map window.
  2. change the extend (FOCUS) around the OBJECT (subject to the constraint above; if the extent chosen exceeds the size of the underlying map given the current location/viewport, the object location will be shifted out of the center).
  3. select an alternative background map by name from the pull-down menu; if no appropriate map is available,
  4. compose a new background by selecting an alternative set of overlays at the MapComposer level and press the GENERATE BUTTON; the new map will then be available in the /MANUALS/SHARED/MapCatalog and can now be selected from the above positioning pull-down menu.
Upon RETURNING to the original OBJECT DISPLAY page, the (new) MAP ID, position, and extent around the OBJECT will be stored with the OBJECT and will affect the OBJECT map display.

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