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      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 7.0
        Revision Level beta
        Release Date 2015 03

      Last modified on:   Monday, 30-Nov-15 10:35 CET

      Time Series Data: add a new time series

      To create a new TS and add to a monitoring station, a specific dialog
      (header button: "New TS") can be used.

      The dialog sets the basic description/parameters:.....

      • time series name and description
      • Parameter and unit
      • time intervall
      • Dataset/source (one of several models/scenarios, or observed)

      Data import to the new TS can be done

      • by batch import from a client file,
      • by automatic, scheduled import from a data base,
      • by some "manual" methods (such as from dial up networks), to be configured, or from reghlar data uploads via FTP/SFTP, SSH/SCP, SMTP (TCP/IP protocol based) to local files, from where the data are moved top the local data base upon arrival automatically.

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