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Release Date 2007 06
Revision Level 1.1

Meteorological Parameters

Meteorological scenarios are consistent and complete data sets are named OBJECTS that are derived from the monitoring data from one or more applicable (nearby) meteorological stations, the interpolation of several station, of from some meteorological model or pre-processor. Meteorological scenarios are generated by an separate Meteorological Scenario Generator that ensures synchronization, completeness and consistency of the meteorological time series data.

Meteorological parameters

The meteorological scenarios are model specific through their domain/resolution and duration combinations, and are generated with different pre-processors for CAMx, AERMOD and PBM.

The following parameters are included in the scenarios, either as time series of scalar values or as (multi-layered) matrices.

Parameter Format PBM AERMOD Convolution DWM PUFF CAMx
Solar radiationscalar X            
Cloud coverscalar X          
Wind direction, geostrophicicscalar       X      
Wind speed, geostrophicicscalar       X      
Wind speed, anemometricscalar X X X X      
Air temperaturescalar X X X   X    
Mixing heightscalar X X X   X    
Wind direction, anemometricscalar   X X X      
Stability class (Pasquill)scalar     X   X    
Wind vector, X component, layeredmatrix         X X X
Wind vector, Y component, layeredmatrix         X X X
Air temperature, layeredmatrix           X X
Surface temperaturematrix           X X
Air pressure, layeredmatrix           X X
Water vapor, layeredmatrix           X X
Clouds/rainfall, layeredmatrix           X X
Vertical diffusivity, layeredmatrix           X X

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