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AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

Meteorological data import

The following scripts and functions are used to control the download of meteorological input data and boundary conditions for the MM5 prognostic meteorological model.

The data are uploaded daily from MET DATA SOURCE

Data collection strategy

After downloading a file, its size is checked. When it is smaller than the expected size, download is tried again. The script now tries it 3 times for each file. If the third try fails as well, the file is inserted into the "RETRY list".

When the first round of downloads is finished, the script tries again to download the files listed in the "RETRY list" (maximal 3 times each).

In case the file is still missing/corrupted, it is substituted by yesterdays file (if available).

The download procedure, success and errors, are logeon the system STATUSBOARD.

    /app/data/gfs/get_gfs.phpdownloads gfs data, scheduled by cron
    /app/data/gfs/ungrib_gfs.shungribs gfs data calling
    /app/data/gfs/wget_fnl.shdownloads (historical) fnl data, on demand
    /app/data/gfs/ungrib_fnl.shungribs fnl data calling
    /app/data/pregid/pregrid_gfs.shreads gfs grib data for forecast
    /app/data/pregid/pregrid_fnl.shreads fnl grib data for historical scenarios

    For MM5 model runs, the main path is /app/mm5/mm5_location/:

    run_mm5_forecast.shruns daily forecast
    run_mm5_fnl.shruns historical scenario
    log_import.shimports log message to GLOBAL_LOG.LOG
    TERRAIN/TERRAIN_DOMAINxmm5 grid files
    regridder/create_namelist.shcreates namelist.input file for regridder
    regridder/regridderregrids input data to mm5 horizontal grid
    INTERPF/create_namelist.shcreates namelist.input file for interpf
    INTERPF/interpfinterpolates input data to mm5 vertical grid
    MM5/configure.usermm5 model configuration file
    MM5/mm5.deck mm5 setup file for model run, creates namelist file mmlif
    MM5/Run/ copies input files to model run directory
    MM5/Run/mm5.exe mm5 model executable
    MM5/Run/GENPARM.TBL table with general parameters
    MM5/Run/LANDUSE.TBL table with land use categories
    MM5/Run/SOILPARM.TBL table with soil parameters
    MM5/Run/VEGPARM.TBL table with vegetation parameters)
    MM5toCAMx/ creates mm5camx.job input file for mm5camx.linux
    MM5toCAMx/run_mm5camx runs mm5camx.linux and saves data in MM5_OUTPUT
    MM5_IMPORT/ imports general mm5 scenario info

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