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  Release Level 6.1
  Release Date 2012 05
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Tuesday, 12-Jun-12 05:53 CEST

Matrix Data Export

All spatially distributed models in AirWare produce their output as MatrixObjects.

These matrices can be exported in CSV format using the export button at the details model results display page.

The exported CSV file starts with (optional: see the tick box: "Attach header to the export file") 18 Metadata fields (lines of header information) with the META data describing the exported matrix: this starts with a descriptive text block the user can fill with any descriptive text. This is followed by the data ( comma separated floats ) for each grid cell.

For each time step the matrix is given in the following format (time steps are separated by an empty line):

  • Data start at the north-west corner of the domain.
  • Each line corresponds to a row of the matrix containing values ordered from west to east:
    • The first value corresponds to the north-west corner of the domain,
    • The last value of the first line corresponds to the north-east corner.
    • The first value of the last line corresponds to south-west corner of the domain,
    • The last value of the last line corresponds to the south-east corner.

Matrix header, Metadata example
    Name CAMx.out.18741.101917Source CAMx
    Parameter NO2 Unit ug/m3
    Start time2012-06-12 00:00 Time steps24
    Interval 1 h Resolution 3000 m
    Layers 1 Components 1
    Rows 90 Columns 90
    Average 2.60 Maximum 125.24
    Domain Cyprus R 20,30,60Domain extent270 km
    NW x UTM 533135 m NW y UTM 3889135 m

The last step (press the orange export button in the upper right corner of the dialog box) will trigger a browser specific data transfer dialog, with options for on-line preview or download of the CSV data file to the file system of the local cliewnt computer for import to any spreadsheet, GIS, or visualization/graphics program for further processing.

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