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  Release Level 5.4
  Release Date 2008 10
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Monday, 20-Jul-09 14:03 CEST

Emission sources: Line Source Data Structure

Line Sources are dynamically instantiated OBJECTs with the standard object header data.

The Line Source Summary Page provides a summary view and statistical analysis of all line sources in the inventory, grouped or filtered by the domain selected, starting with the default domain. The domain provides the geographical definition of a (sub)area of interest.

The data reported include:

  • The total number of line sources within the domain;
  • The total (sum of individual sources) length, average, minimum and maximum length of any line source.
  • The last modification date of any one entry;
  • Sum of emission by substance over all sources, total and grouped into the components of the default fleet composition.
    • SO2 emissions (total, average, max);
    • NOx emissions (total, average, max);
    • CO emissions (total, average, max);
    • PM-10 and PM-2.5 emissions (total, average, max);
    • VOC emissions (total, average, max).
  • Distribution of emissions by pollutant (user selectable, default is SO2) by FLEET CLASS, shown as pie charts.
In parallel, a MAP of the current domain with the poly-line representing each source location is shown.

Data Structure:

The emisison date refer to a POLYLINE, which is the geometric/geographic representation for a line source.

CLASSID reference to the OBJECT class definition and class level attributes
CO_emission_gps average default emission rate: CO
CREATED META: creation date
DESCRIPTION META: description text
emission_source_status symbolic status classification list
EXTENT with of the area around the OBJECT for map display
fleet_composition_name reference to a named fleet composition TABLE
GX reference point, X coordinate
GY reference point, Y coordinate
LOCATIONID reference to a symbolic ge-reference
MODIFIED META: date of last modification
NAME META: object name
NH3_emission_gps average default emission rate:
NO2_emission_gps average default emission rate:
NOX_emission_gps average default emission rate:
NO_emission_gps average default emission rate:
no_ratio NO/NO2 ratio
num_segments number of segment (verices) in the polyline
OWNER META: data owner (user who created the OBJECT)
PM10_emission_gps average default emission rate:
province symbolic geo-reference
road_length total length of the polyline
SOX_emission_gps average default emission rate:
VOC_emission_gps average default emission rate:

Road Network Graph

The network is defined by a set of POINTS, and LINKS connecting themas POLYLINES. There are no connectivity requirements, i.e., any set of (disjoint) polylines can be defined.
Field Type Null Key Default Extra
ID int(11)NO PRI NULLauto_increment
RBO_ID int(11)NO MUL 0
Field Type Null Key Default Extra
Field Type NullKeyDefaultExtra
NODE_ID int(11)NO PRI0
GX int(11)YES NULL
GY int(11)YES NULL
Table structures RBO.RBO (generates unique object id's and assigns objects to classes)
    ID int(11) auto_increment
    CLASSID int(11)
    primary key: ID
CLASSID 62 is assigned to Line Sources. So a new Line Source will have to create a new entry in this table with CLASSID set to 62.

AIR.LINESOURCE (line source attributes, emission)

    ID int(10) unsigned
    DESCRIPTOR varchar(32)
    VALUE varchar(255)
    FLAG int(3) default 0 , *internal use only
    primary key ID,DESCRIPTOR
DESCRIPTOR in this context may be one of the following:
  • CLASSID ( internal use, =62)
  • LOCATIONID (internal use, =600)
  • NAME, DESCRIPTION, OWNER ( = admin), CREATED, MODIFIED (date of creation, modification YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm)
  • DESCRIPTION, road_length, emission_source_status (operational/hypothetical/planned), province
  • GX, GY, EXTENT (UTM coordinates & width of bounding box for display), road_length (km), num_segments
  • CO_emission_gps (CO emission in g/s per km)
  • NH3_emission_gps
  • NO2_emission_gps
  • NOX_emission_gps
  • NO_emission_gps
  • no_ratio
  • PM10_emission_gps
  • SOX_emission_gps
  • TSP_emission_gps
  • VOC_emission_gps
AIR.LINE (segments of a line source)
This table is linked through RBO_ID to ID in AIR.LINESOURCE
    ID int(11) auto_increment
    LOCATIONID int(11) (internal =600 for Tehran)
    RBO_ID int(11)
    FROM_NODE int(11)
    TO_NODE int(11)
    primary key ID,DESCRIPTOR
AIR.NODE (nodes belonging to segments)
This table is linked through NODE_ID to ID in AIR.LINE
    LOCATIONID int(11) (internal =600 for Tehran)
    NODE_ID int(11)
    GX int(11) (UTM coordinate)
    GY int(11) (UTM coordinate)
    primary key LOCATIONID,NODE_ID
RBO.line_source_nav (line source snapshot for use in line source object list)
This table has been created once out of the AIR.LINESOURCE table because number of line_sources were to large for the navigator to be useful.
    id int(11)
    name varchar
    province varchar
    length varchar
    co_gps varchar
    nox_gps varchar

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