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Reference and User Manual
AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

Last modified on:   Thursday, 3-Dec-15 12:23 CET

AirWare is an interactive information and decision support system for urban air quality assessment and management. It is developed in a series of parallel and synergetic projects, including:

The current AirWare system is implemented as a distributed client-server system that supports web access from any industry standard browser, networked computer or mobile device (SmartPhone, tablet).

  • Servers: Linux (Open Source) or Unix platforms
  • Clients: any PC or workstation running a standard web browser, mobile devices (SmartPhones, tablet, NetBook) with Internet access and a standard browser.

AirWare Manual Structure

The AirWare REFERENCE MANUAL is designed to provide a detailed description of the AirWare system, its data structures and interfaces, and the range of functionality. It target audience are systems administrators and advanced users responsible for systems installation, maintenance, data imports and updates of the data bases, as well as the day to day use.

It is structured as a hypertext document with numerous cross-references, and features a full-text search system accessible from every manual page.

Each manual pages inclues a direct link back to the TOC, Table of Contents main page; two additional buttons provide:

  • pdf: link to an on-line library of PDF documents around AirWare and technical literature on air quality management;
  • comment: a link to an on-line management of comments and questions; using a data base back-end, comments are registered, an e mail alert is sent to the responsible support team; any feedback to the original comments or question is logged in the data base, including optional reminders for the support team to address pendng issues. The users who submitted a query is altered by eMail about any feedback or solutions provided. Pending questions as well as all completed "tasks" are logged and available as a FAQ section.

The basic sections and entry points of the REFERENCE MANUAL
cover the structure and functionality of the system, organbized into topical groups with direct access:

Introduction, installation, configuration Expert System and DSS Monitoring data Data management and GIS
Emission modelling, inventories Dust emission model Simulation models Scenarios, Scenario Analysis
Model output, postprocessing

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