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        Release Level 7.0
        Revision Level beta
        Release Date 2015 03

      Last modified on:   Tuesday, 1-Dec-15 20:04 CET

      Time Series Data: homogeneity test

      For all data import and model results, but in particular for the automatic data import AirWare provides both an embedded automatic as well as an interactive quality assurance designed to detect (and remove)   "outliers".

      The homogeneity test compares the data from several (co-located) monitorign stations, located closely together. Individual station data are compared against the envelope defined by all other stations, values outside (above or below) this envelope are indicated as a measure of homogeneity.

      Values outside the envelope are marked RED.

      Options and selections include

      • the set of stations (defined by a "domain"),
      • parameter/variable of the time series,
      • the time period (start date and number of days or hours,
      • choice of time step (day or hour) where applicable,
      • an export option for the average (over the set selected) time series,
      • in the lower graph the station to be compare against all others.

      The listing of stations which can be toggled on/off individually) also serves a link to the
      monitoring station data base.

      Aternative display styles and analysis include

      • a graph of all station synchroniced vertically arranged,
      • a tabular statistical summary (averages, maxima).

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