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Reference and User Manual
      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 6.2 preliminary
        Release Date 2013 XX
        Revision Level under revision
      Last modified on:   Wednesday, 18-Dec-13 23:21 CET

      Installation Notes

      AirWare is a modular client-server system, so the modules and thus files and data base TABLES depend on the modules used.

      The basic core shared by any implementation includes:

      • an Apache web server (2.2.4);

      • several data bases   (implemented with MySQL (5.0); lternatively: PostgreSQL, ORACLE);

      • PHP (5.2.x)

      • a number of cgi's (with the models and analytical tools;

      • various data and configuration files:
        • /gis: map data
        • /var/www/html/MANUALS/AIRWARE: manual pages and imagery
        • /var/www/html/templates: HTML templates for OBJECT display
        • /var/www/html/templates/php: PHP files related to the templates
        • /var/www/cgi-bin/CONFIG: selected configurations files
      • configuration of the scheduled tasks in one or more crontab files.

      The system [APPLICATION] is located under the Apache httpd server root directory:

      and the model cgi's in:
      which includes the configuration files for the scheduled model runs.

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