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  Revision Level beta
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Last modified on:   Saturday, 18-Jul-15 16:37 CEST

Emission inventories: Summary

The Emission Inventory Summary is a dynamically instantiated OBJECT with the standard object header data.

The Summary Page provides a summary view and statistical analysis of all emissions sources/classes in the inventory, grouped or filtered by the domain selected, starting with the default domain. The domain provides the geographical definition of a (sub)area of interest.

The data reported include:

  • The total number of of all emission sources, and number by groups, split into:
    1. stacks associated with industrial plants;
    2. small stacks;
    3. area sources;
    4. line sources.
  • The last modification date of any one entry;
  • Sum of emission by substance over all source classes total and grouped into the following SECTORS:
    1. industrial;
    2. commercial;
    3. residential;
    4. traffic.
    Pollutants for the emission summary:
    • SO2 emissions (total, average, max)
    • NOx emissions (total, average, max);
    • CO emissions (total, average, max);
    • PM-10 and PM-2.5 emissions (total, average, max);
    • VOC emissions (total, average, max).
  • Distribution of source numbers and emissions (selectedable, default is SO2) by SECTOR, shown as pie charts.
In parallel, a MAP of the current domain with a symbol at each source location is shown.

From this overall summary, buttons lead to the three sub-classes:

  1. Point Source Summary (everything with an explicit stack);
  2. Area Source Summary (emission without explicit stack data)
  3. Line Source Summary (related to road segments, traffic generated).

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