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  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

Emission Matrices

Emission data for the gridded Eulerian model CAMx are made available as a matrix or raster in the model resolution, one for each pollutant, representing the bottom layer ofthe 3D model grid. These data combine small (low) stacks, area sources, and line sources, while tall stacks (stacks and boiler class) are treated individually. These emission data are also available as gridded, topical maps can can be viewed as map overlays or topical maps, and exported in numerical format for further processing with external tools (statistics, GIS).

The emission matrices are calculated automatically by the pre-processors for CAMx and AERMOD as part of the emission scenarios, for scheduled (hourly and daily) runs, or interactive (scenario) runs; They can be accessed from the emission scenarios or inventories emission summary table, column "Matrix".

Emission Matrix display

Emission Matrices are OBJECTS with the standard OBJECT data and meta data.

General properties include: Domain, Pollutant, start date and time;
Matric properties: cells size, number of components, rows and columns, layers and number of time steps;
Basic statistics (over the 24 hours) include: minumun and maximum, average and total (emissions) over the domain (g/s);
The temporal pattern applied is a shown as a 24 step hourly time series of the normalized multiplier

A tape deck facilitates selectin a specific hour from the 24 hour scenario;
Statistics for the current hour: min, max, average total;
Below is a histogram of the matrix data, together with an editor for selected display parameters.

Data Export

From the main emission matrix page, a button labeled export triggers an export dialog.

This will start a small pop-up window with a summary of the emission data, and a text link export to the actual gridded emission data. The data are organised (for all non-zero values) in a simple text/ascii format CSV):

    X-coordinate   Y-coordinate   emission value
A left mouse button click will display the data;
A right mouse button click will start a download dialog on the local client PC.

This includes the option Save Link as ... which will download the emission data into a local user defined text file, that can be imported into a spreadsheet for local processing and analysis..

Dust emissions: wind erosion

For the dust emission matrix, an alternative (automatic with the daily forecast) export in NetCDF format is supported to a local target directory, that is defined in the Application setup data base and can be edited through the setup configuration table editor.

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