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      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 6.2
        Release Date 2013 09
        Revision Level 1.0
      Last modified on:   Monday, 9-Dec-13 11:36 CET

      Dynamic scenarios

      Scenarios for the air quality models are named model-specific objects, selectd from a model specific scenario selector/navigator, and generated or modified with a separate scenario generator/editor. The primary attributes of a scenario on the listing of available scenario include:
      • Scenario name
      • Short description (first few characters)
      • Model domain or area of interest
      • Start date/time
      • Owner/user of the scenario
      • Date of last modification

      There are two distinct modes of operation:

      1. Selection and modifications of an existing scenario;
      2. Generation of a new scenario.

      Modifying and running an existing scenario

      Within an existing scenario, the user can change:
      • Start date/time within the constraints of the meteorological scenario chosen;
      • The pollutant, depending on the choices offered by the respective model;
      • Emissions by modifying the sources defined by the domain and the emission values defined by the start date and time;

      Creating a new model scenario

      Creating a new model cenario involves the choice of:
      1. the model domain
      2. the meteorological scenario
      After that, the procedure is the same as with any pre-existing scenario.

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