AirWare   On-line Reference Manual

Release Level 5.3.0 beta
Release Date 2007 06
Revision Level 1.1

Model Output

All spatially distributed models in AirWare produce their output as MatrixObjects.

These matrices are organised in sets along time and (vertical) space dimensions.

After a successful model run, the corresponding model result is shown together with a summary of the scenario (meteorological and emission data) a a color coded overlay over the default background map of the domain for which the scenario was run.

Nowcast results

For the start page, the results of the current nowcast run for NOx is displayed. This uses opaque color, and a color scheme defined in /var/www/cgi-bin/mapcolors which defines 21 RGB values. The minimum concentration (values below are ignored), the maximim concentration (values above are shown in color 21), and the color style can be defined interactively (clicking on the color ramp will start an editor dialog). The selection of
  • the model (must be configued to produce nowcast results)
  • the model domain
  • the pollutant
are configured in the data base: GLOBAL/LOCATIONS.

Scenario results

In this primary output (transparent colors over the background map), the user can select time steps and vertical layer; for a more interactive control over the output display, the button DETAILS leads to a new page that shows the map and model results in a bigger window. In addition, the following controls area avilable:
  • selection of time step (next and previous buttons);
  • color coding (upper and lower bounds)
  • isolines (4 user defined values)
  • additiopnal map features (toggle on or off)
  • zooming (arbitrary multi-leyer)
  • data export (ascii, x,y,values for all non-zero values).

Color coding

here the user can define the upper and lower bounds of the color ramp to be used. Values below the minimum set are transparent, not shown; values above the maximum set are shown in white. In between, there are 20 classes (linear equidistance spacing) allocated to the colors of the rainbow from blue (lowest values) to red (highest).


Four user selected isolines can be displayed with pre-defined colors; the user sets the value for which the isoline should be daren, and the REDRAW button will redisply the imodel results with the isolines defined.

Map features

In addition and parallel to the isolines, selected topics (emission source classes) can also be displayed, toggeled on or off with the corresponding buttons.


The map display and model output overlay support arbitrary zooming. To zoom in, the user select a point of interest, that will be in the center of the area shown. This point is selected with a left mouse button click. Now moving the mouse away from the point in any direction will show a dynamically sized window (the size depends on the distance of the mouse from the initial point of interest); another mouse click will now select the area showen by the red box over the map, the map will be redrawn for this area. To zoom in again, repeat the procedure; to zoom out, (one step at a time) select the corresponding button under the map.

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