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Reference and User Manual
      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 6.2
        Release Date 2013 09
        Revision Level 1.0
      Last modified on:   Thursday, 3-Jul-14 08:50 CEST

      Configuration Files

      The basic set of (application or location specific) defaults settings are defined in the location setup defaults a data base Table with an interactive editor interface linked to the administrative tools.

      PHP include files

      file:   /var/www/html/phpincludes/   /* user, host, password used by php scripts */

      Most of the entries are referring to localhost and thus should work in any installation, unchanged. The following entries need location specific adaptation:

      • $java_host=[JAVAHOST]; << localhost does not work here!!>>
      • $db_user['[DBSERVER]']='root';
      • $db_password['[DBSERVER]']='';
      The corresponding DB table is: MySQL-Table: GLOBAL.PROJECTMETA

      Please se note that entries from that TABLE are (selectively) accessible for easy editing and a change log in the location setup defaults where additional Descriptors from that DB TABLE can be added interactively.

      Data Base (MySQL) configuration

      file:   /var/www/cgi-bin/db_config   /* default cgi database connection */
      • host
      • user
      • password
      • port-number 3306 default

      Color configuration

      file:   /var/www/cgi-bin/mapcolors   /* substance specific color ranges for model results display*/
      • default color scheme with equidistant color ranges, dynamic range definition
      • pre-defined, static, non-linear substance and aggregation-time specific color schemes.
      file:   /var/www/cgi-bin/colorranges   /* default lower and upper bounds for dynamic color ranges */

      This uses the following format:

        ANY ANY 1 100
      where the first record contains the definition of a global default, used when the dynamic scheme is selected, but no default definition corresponding to the current combination of substance/aggregation period can be found.

      Exposure thresholds

      A similar file defines the exposure thresholds for the computation of population exposure: /var/www/cgi-bin/exposurelimits which is again a simple ascii file with the format:
        ANY ANY 100
      which defines:
      • the pollutant or index
      • the aggregation period
      • the default threshold
      where the first record with ANY, ANY defines a global default if no specific value for a given combination of substance and aggregation period can be found. The values are defined in the unit that is associated with the respective pollutant or index in the Knowledge Base.

      CAMx model configuration

      Parameter files needed by CAMx:


      • CAMx4.4.chemparam.4_CF
      • CAMx4.4.chemparam.NOx
      • CAMx4.4.chemparam.SO2
      • CAMx4.4.chemparam.CB4
      • CAMx4.4.chemparam.PM10
      • topconcCB4.dat
      • topconcPM10.dat
      • topconcSO2.dat
      • topconcNOx.dat
      • topconcPM2_5.dat

      Shell scripts

      Shell scripts for running interactive, Nowcast and Forecast scenarios:





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