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  Release Level 6.1
  Release Date 2012 05
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Tuesday, 5-Jun-12 19:41 CEST

Complex emission sources: cities

Cities, communities, counties are all examples of a spatially defined emission source that may consist of any number of point, area, and line sources. In AirWare, the corresponding representation is a
complex emission source.

Complex sources have the basic attributes of an OBJECT, including header, hypertext description,. a map location/boundary, and a tabel of attributes such as name, province, population, area, etc.

One or more pie charts summarize attributes such as

  • land use distribution
  • economic structure (GRP contributions)


The complex source has a basic set of emission data (for all pollutants) associated with its area. The emission are estimated based on population, size, and industrial structure, but can of course be derived from any other sources of information where available.

In addition, it can hold any number of explicit area, point, and line sources. Their emissions can be configured as additional to the base emissions, or they are deducted from the basic total area specific emissions to avoid double counting.

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