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      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 6.1
        Release Date 2012 05
        Revision Level 1.0
      Last modified on:   Thursday, 19-Jul-12 15:52 CEST

      Building Points

      Building Points describe arbitrary points of special interest in a model domain that can be used to represent simulated monitoring stations or receptor points for the analysis of compliance with air quality standards, but based on spatial model results rather than point observations.

      All Building Points are OBJECTs and have the standard OBJECT META DATA associated that include:

      • name, short descriptiopn, owner, creation and last modification date of the object description data or geometry;
      • Hypertext description (with import function) including optional imagery; HTML files and images (GIF, JPEG) can be imported from the client with a local file browser.
      • Type specific attributes (Descriptors):

        • A TYPE designation (user defined in the Descriptor: building_type)

      The building point is represented by an point location that the user can define interactively on the (default) background map by selecting the desired location with the mouse or alternatively entering the coordinated directly.

      Additional configuration options include choice of the background map from the MapCatalog and the definition of the extent of the area around the point to be shown.

      Indoor air pollution modeling

      Building points can be linked to buildings for which an indoor air pollution model can be run; the dynamic model can use the concentration time series extracted for the building point location from any model scenario (forecast, standard, EIA).

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