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Boilers: Industrial Point Sources

  1. Boilers or Industrial Stacks are always linked to an industrial plant, and can have (optional) time-series of emission data;
  2. Small Stacks, that are "singular", have no plant grouping but may have an optional contact address of a plant, and have a single, average emission value for each pollutant substance.

Point sources or stacks/boilers can optionally be grouped into

  • plants representing industrial installation that also hold administrative data such as street address, contact person, ISIC classification, start of operations, etc.
All point sources are OBJECTs and have the standard OBJECT META DATA associated that include:
  • Name, short description, owner, creation and last modification date;
  • Georeference: symbolic and (type specific, reference point at the base of the stack);
  • Hypertext description (with import function);
  • Type specific attributes (Descriptors):
    • Stack height, diameter
    • Industry classification (ISIC)
    • Boiler type, power rating, primary fuel, average fuel consumption.
    • Other optional attributes (open list of Descriptor-Value pairs that can be configured with the KB editor and the OBJECT TEMPLATEs). Examples are operating hours, start time and stop time of operations.
  • Source specific temporal scaling factors (for month, day, hour)
  • a TABLE of substance specific average (default) emission values;
  • optional one or more Substance (or parameter) specific temporal scaling factors;
  • optional time series of Emission values (for boilers and stacks), includes flue gas temperature and velocity), and optinal related parameters such as flue gas volume or fuel consumption, with a generic time series import function.
Boilers and Industrial Stacks:
Stack height [m]
Stack diameter [m]
Exit temperature [Degree Celsius]
Exit velocity [m/s]
Turbine type [steam, gas, n/a, ...]
Year of construction
Fuel type [gas, heavy oil, ...]
Fuel consumption [kg/year]average consumption
Emission Data [g/s]NOx, NO,NO2, SO2, PM10, PM2.5, CO,VOC
NO/NO2 ratio
GIS coordinates current MapSet projection, UTM or Lat/Long
Link button: Emission temporal pattern select or define and link a pattern
Link button: Profilepop-up window with hypertext and images
Link button: documentsselector listing and search for text documents (PDF)
Optional:   emission time series

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