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        Release Level 7.0
        Revision Level beta
        Release Date 2015 03

      Last modified on:   Thursday, 3-Dec-15 18:31 CET

      Monitoring time series: data avilability

      For a given application, the availability and temporal coverage of time series (monitoring) data can be displayed with the "TS data coverage" item from the Administrative Tools menue on th start page.

      The tool can be configured interactively:

      Header options:

      • Display: active (receiving continuous data updates) or all , including historical data.
      • Type: observed or model generated
      • Parameter: select from a list of available parameters

      The results are shown in a table of Monitoring stations versus time (in years); A separate column shows how many individual time series in the class selected that stations holds.

      A color coded bar indicates data avilability as a percentage of possible complete coverage within that year. The station name in the tabular summary leads to the corresponding monitoring station object.

      The scond version of the header choices includes the selection of a second parameter with an AND or OR clause, i.e., listing only stations that have data for either one, or both parameters.

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