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  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

Last modified on:   Saturday, 18-Jul-15 13:26 CEST

Bulk Import of Area Source Data

To import and use a set of area sources, the following steps need to be taken, assuming that the source of the information is a Shapefile with the polygon definitions and a spreadsheet with the textual and numerical data describing each area source.
  1. make sure that all required parameters are defined in the TEMPLATE for area sources;
  2. define any additional parameters as required as DESCRIPTORS in the Knowledge Base
  3. Edit the TEMPLATE to reflect these additions.

  4. IMPORTANT do make a backup copy of the current data base !
Tables that will have to be popuplated when creating new Area Sources are:
  • RBO (generates unique object id's and assigns objects to classes)
  • AREA_SOURCE ( contains the Area Source data and a reference to the
  • Polygon/Geometry)
  • POLYGON ( contains geometry points for the polygon)

Table Structures:

ID                 int(11) auto_increment
CLASSID     int(11)
primary key:   ID
ID                       int(10)
DESCRIPTOR      varchar(32)
VALUE                varchar(255)
FLAG                  int(3)   default 0, *internal use only
primary key:        ID,DESCRIPTOR
LOCATIONID    int(11)   *internal has to be 600
OBJ_ID             int(11)   ID from AIR.AREA_SOURCE
POINT_NR        int(11)   sequence number of the point in polygon
POINT_X           float      UTM coordinate
POINT_Y            float     UTM coordinate

Now to create a new single Area Source in the database:

  1. Add a new record to table *RBO.RBO* with column CLASSID set to 61

    (==Area Source). Field ID will be set automatically since it is an autoincrement field and will be filled with the next higher unique ID.

    Example: Lets say you get a new ID with value 98765.

  2. Use that new (Area source) ID to insert data into table *AIR.AREA_SOURCE* for each descriptor:
    CLASSID, NAME, DESCRIPTION, CREATED, MODIFIED, OWNER, GX, GY, EXTENT, GEOM_ID, CO_emission_gps, NOX_emission_gps, NO_emission_gps,NO2_emission_gps,SO2_emission_gps, VOC_emission_gps, total_area, num_polygon_points,GEOM_ID
        ID            DESCRIPTOR    VALUE
        98765     CLASSID           61
        98765     NAME                Tehran example Area Source
        98765     DESCRIPTION   This is just an example
        98765     CREATED           2008-10-07 15:00
        98765     MODIFIED          2008-10-07 15:00
        98765     GX                     538173
        98765     GY                     3932609
        98765     EXTENT             6000
        98765     MAPID               5003
        98765     GEOM_ID           98765 (reference to AIR.POLYGON)
        98765     num_polygon_points   4
        98765     CO_emission_gps    7.15
        98765     NOX_emission_gps   173.71
  3. Create Geometry (polygon points) in *AIR.POLYGON *LOCATIONID=600 *fixed internal*
       600                  98765       1               537432      3955000
       600                  98765       2               537435      3955020

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