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  Release Level 5.4
  Release Date 2008 10
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Monday, 20-Jul-09 14:03 CEST

Emission inventories: Area Source Data

Area Sources are dynamically instantiated OBJECTs with the standard object header data.

The Area Source Summary Page provides a summary view and statistical analysis of all area sources in the inventory, grouped or filtered by the domain selected, starting with the default domain. The domain provides the geographical definition of a (sub)area of interest. If there are only a few area sources in the domain, each partial source is considered by intersecting its area with the domain boundaries and calculating a pro-rata, area weighted partial emission contribution; if there are numerous (more then 100) area sources in the domain, only those completely included are considered.

The data reported include:

  • The total number of area sources within the domain;
  • The total (sum of individual sources) area, percentage of the domain area, average, minimum and maximum size of areas;
  • The last modification date of any one entry;
  • Sum of emission by substance over all sources, total and grouped into the source SECTOR groups: industrial, commercial, residential, public, and traffic.
    • SO2 emissions (total, average, max);
    • NOx emissions (total, average, max);
    • CO emissions (total, average, max);
    • PM-10 and PM-2.5 emissions (total, average, max);
    • VOC emissions (total, average, max).
  • Distribution of source numbers and emissions (user selectable, default is SO2) by SOURCE SECTOR , shown as pie charts.
In parallel, a MAP of the current domain with the polygon representing each source location is shown.

Data structure and data base representation

Please note: the attributes of an area source are an open list. iANy Parameter that is defined as a DESCRIPTOR in the systems knowledge base can be added dynamically to the data base structure by adding a reference to the Descriptor to the HTML TEMPLATE file that defines the OBJECT interface and editor.

CLASSID internaL reference to the OBJECT CLASS and its class level attributes
CO_emission_gps average/default emission rate:
CREATED META: object creation date
DESCRIPTION META: object description text
emission_factor_name link to a named set of emission factors
emission_pattern_name link to a named temporal emission pattern
emission_source_status source status (list of symbolic classifications)
EXTENT size of the area showen on the map around the source object
GEOM_ID reference to the geometry (polygon) data
GX reference point X coordinate
GY reference point Y coordinate
LOCATIONID reference to a symbolic project specific geo-reference (LOCATION)
MAPID reference to the background map to be shown with the OBJECT
MODIFIED META: date of last modification
NAME META: user defined object name
NOX_emission_gps average/default emission rate: NOx
num_polygon_points number of points definint the polygon
OWNER META: owner (user who created the OBJECT)
PM10_emission_gps average/default emission rate: MP10
PROVINCE symbolic geo-reference
SO2_emission_gps average/default emission rate: SO2
total_area area of the polygon
VOC_emission_gps average/default emission rate: VOC

Georeference: TABLE POLYGON
Field Type Null Key Default
OBJ_ID int(11) NO PRI 0
POINT_NR int(11) NO PRI 0

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