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        Release Level 6.1
        Release Date 2012 05
        Revision Level 1.0
      Last modified on:   Thursday, 19-Jul-12 15:02 CEST

      Environmental Impact Assessment: assessment results II

      Accessible from the button: Maxima of the impact assessment scenario page the entry page shows a list of the 30 (hourly) maxima encountered over the year.

      For the user defined AQ standard, the list shows the maxima in descending sorting, date and hour, coordinates, wind speed and mixing height (convective and mechanical PBM in meter), the actual hourly concentration, and a color code for exceedance or compliance.

      The statistics under the listing show:

      • the number of exceedances in the list of the 30 maxima;
      • average, minimum and maximum values from the set of 30;
      • distinct location of exceedances (indicated at the map as red circles)
      • distinct date of exceedances.

      The pull down menues over the list can set:

      • aggregation time (1,8,24 hrsm annual)
      • the concept:
        • average (per aggregation period, maxima);
        • number of violations (at a given hour)
        • maximum violations (sorted descending)
        • average violations (average above thresholds)

      The associated statistics include the total number of exceedances (in % of the total events, hours in a year times grid cells), distinct time of exceedances (absolute and %), distinct locations (absolute and %).

      The button menu under the map display offers:

      • display options: zoom and redraw;
      • zone: toggles of an arbitrary polygon (impact zone) and adapts the statistics fo within/without that zone;
      • matrix: switched the diaply from annual average to a matric of exceedances;
      • percentiles: shows a table of percentile values for the current concept;
      • dates
      • details: see below.
      Exclusion radius and Mx. positions control the display of the locations of up to Max.position cells for the current concept, sorted descending.

      Details: Analysis of exceedances

      The details page combines the display of the matrix of exceedances with the basic statistics, percentile table, and the possibility to display isolines for the current concept value at user defined levels.

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