AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03


The basic AERMOD code does not describe line sources "directly" AirWare uses a set of "equiavalent point sources" (a computational kernel with a mixing zone representation) of high resolution along the line source geometry (using a (convolution) model) for very efficient coverage of entire urban or national street networks with several thousands of segments.

The Traffic line source model is accessible from

  • the line source OBJECT display and edit page;
  • the main menu, "Scenario Analysis/AERMOD/traffic" the leads to a CLASS selector for AERMOD/traffic scenarios.

AERMOD-based Traffic Model

The model is run for one user selected line source or several line sources (defined by domain) for 24 consecutive hourly steady-state results.

Setting up the model offers the following choices:

  • emission sources, selected from the line source CLASS selector;
  • pollutant
  • date (24 hourly solutions over a calendar day)
  • source of the meteo dataa (AERMET of monitoring time series)
  • model parameters: albedo, roughness, Bowen ratio
  • Fastall option

The available control via buttons include:

  • run/reset button to start/stop/reset a model run
  • check: invokes a checker for the input data
  • Kernel: shows the current kernel, and leads to the editing/tuning of the kernel;
  • Meteorology: diaplsy of met data, selection of meteo data source;
  • Temporal pattern: shows current temporal pattern applied to the basic static emissions, offer the selection of alternative pre-defined patterns.

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