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Release Level 5.3.0 beta
Release Date 2007 06
Revision Level 1.1

AERMOD interactive scenarios

The interactive scenarios that can be run with the AERMOD model include:
  1. Basic interactive scenario analysis for all sources (point, area, traffic/lines) in a domain, 24 houyrly runs;
  2. The high-resolution convolution model and its computational kernel for the traffic convolution model, 24 hourly results; The computational kernel can be used both for individual road segments, or entire domains, transparently integrated with the point and area source modelling.
  3. Monitoring stations location (annual runs around a point emission source);
  4. Single source Impact assessment (annual runs at an hourly basis) for individual point sources;

AERMOD is used together with the AERMET meteorological pre-processor, and uses a common display page for detailed model results.

Interactive scenarios, each covering 24 hours, are retrived from a list of named scenarios. The listing shows the user defined scenario name, the date simulated, and the pollutant; it also indicates the status of the scenario:

  • GREENE: scenario completed, results available for display and analysis;
  • RED: model currently running, scenario locked for editing;
  • BLUE: scenario has been edited, ready to tun.
In addition to the choice of
  • substance,
  • domain,
  • date,
The user can set the values for albedo, roughness length, and Bowen ratio.
The two component scenarios that must be defined are:
  • Emission scenario (for the current model domain);
  • Meteorological scenario, which is defined by the date selected as well as a meteorological monitoring stations that provides the data for the AERMET pre-processor.

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