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AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

AERMOD implementation

AERMOD is a steady-state Gaussian plume model(a regulatory EPA model) , but uses concepts of bounday layer physics for the estimation of its (continuous) dispersion parameters. The model is always run for a day in 24 hourly time steps, or for an entire year with 365*24 hourly results.

In AirWare, AERMOD is used for:

  1. Scheduled runs: Hourly nowcasts for the urban sub-domain and (optional) 24 hour forecast runs (currently not implemented);
  2. Interactive scenario analysis for all sources in a domain, 24 houyrly runs;
  3. Computational kernel for the traffic convolution model, 24 hourly results; the computational kernel can be used both for individual road segments, or entire domains, transparently integrated with the point and area source modelling.
  4. Monitoring stations location (annual runs around a point emission source);
  5. impact assessment (annual runs at an hourly basis) for individual point sources;

AERMOD is used together with the AERMET meteorological pre-processor, and uses a common display page for detailed model results.

Scheduled model runs

These are linked from the main AirWare start menu (Hourly Nowcast, optionally also from Daily Forecast), including, for example,
  2. SO2 (AERMOD)
for NOx and SO2 scenarios for any and all subdomains covered by the CAMx nested grid model, respectively. Each link leads to a selector for the set of domains configured for these runs.

The set of nowcast runs define by

  • model domains,
  • substances,
  • excution times.

Interactive scenarios

Interactive scenarios, each covering 24 hours, are retrived from a list of named scenarios. The listing also indicates the status of the scenario:
  • GREENE: scenario completed, results available for display and analysis;
  • RED: model currently running, scenario locked for editing;
  • BLUE: scenario has been edited, ready to tun.
In addition to the choice of
  • substance,
  • domain,
  • date,
the user can set the values for albedo, roughness length, and Bowen ratio.

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