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  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

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Sending SMS messages

AirWare supports the sending of SMS messages to communicate model results.
This is supported as part of the mobile phone access for low-resolution portable devices (SmartPhone icon on various model results screens) in an interactive mode:

  • (the user has to specify target phone number and his location in the model domain using model grid coordinates)
  • or automatically to communicate model/forecast results to a designated user community.

Local Implementation:

Outgoing SMS communication uses a script/application (can be driven by cron OR from some model run as a post-processor) OR interactively from the GSM dialog) and is configured in the location setup data TABLE with the variables:

    sms_cmd   which holds the complete command string (e.g. gsmsendsms -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 19200), and sms_log   which specifies the log file path (e.g., /tmp/SMS.log)
The command sms_cmd receives its input from part of the applications, interactively composed, or reads its input data (phone numbers and message text) from a TABLE (data base or simple file, for example:
The text file or data base table contain a simple list of two-column records, each record consisting of
  • PHONE_NUMBER | TEXT (max 140 8 bit chars)
The script or cgi then executes something like
    echo "TEXT" | sms_cmd DEVICE

    where DEVICE is defined in the location setup variable sms_cmd for example:

      "-d /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 19200" ;
    this configuration string is based on the original (system level) software and modem installation:
      "apt-get install usb-modeswitch gsm-utils"
    (from the modem installation/configuration)

    An alternative is the use of Wammu/Gammu: an open source application (package of utilities) to efficiently and easily control phones or modems.

    For an example for a C++ versions to be used as a gci , see, for example:

The local installation needs:
  • OS: UBUNTU 12.04
  • a USB SMS modem and SIM card installed and
  • a location specific driver that compiles the information to be sent from the application and any wrapping text (up to 140 8 bit characters (precisely: 140 octets (140 octets * 8 bits / octet = 1120 bits/character set bit size) per individual SMS) in the application that generates that INPUT DATA TABLE (out of any one of the AirWare application or data bases, e.g., CAMx, AERMOD, DUST, or the monitoring time series data bas, some "recipient data base, and a set of RULES that define the conditions (like substance specific threshold level) and timing of such messages.)

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