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      AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
        Release Level 7.0
        Revision Level beta
        Release Date 2015 03

      Last modified on:   Friday, 4-Dec-15 11:14 CET

      Monitoring Data Import: automatic quality control

      Real-time automatic quality control is performed on automatically imported monitoring data, continuously, upon arrival or scheduled download.

      The set of RULES or algorithmic TESTS applied is open (configurable), as well as the ACTIONS to be taken (functions executed) for any problem detected (warnings, alerts, alarms by mail or SMS to a selected target/recipient group).

      The interface of the Real-time QA tool is accessible from:

      • the start-page administrative menu
      • the status page from the Monitoring icon on the start page

      The basic, default display shows a summary of the data availability/data transfer for the current (most recent) data transfer, by station and parameter.

      In the example shown, GREEN fields indicate correct data transfer, ORANGE indicate a "no data" code received, and an empty field in the table signifies failed communication.

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