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AirWare   On-line Reference Manual
  Release Level 6.2
  Release Date 2013 09
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Friday, 15-Nov-13 20:56 CET

Map Composition

AirWare uses an embedded GIS or MapServer together with a Map Catalog and configuration tool (Map Composer) to provide geographical background for its data (OBJECTS and spatial model inputs and results.

The Map Composer offers a choice of

  • one background overlay (raster or polygon feature, opaque, full coverage, from a list of all applicable background overlays: only one can be chosen at a time) and
  • all applicable foreground overlays line features, transparent polygon or raster, partial coverages, any number can be combined) together with
  • a central point of interest (X and Y coordinates) and
  • extent (in meters, interpreted as a radius around the central point of interest)
from which a named MAP (configuration) can be generated for
  1. preview (temporary) or
  2. permanent storage
and retrieval/display from the Map Catalog for selection as default background for all georeferenced OBJECTS.

The list of overlays leads to a description and individual preview of any of the overlays listed by the Map Composer.

Navigation BUTTONS

  1. The BUTTON MAPSET leads to a description of the applications MapSet and its parameters (projection, coordinate system, bounding box) that are needed for Map Import. Also supports the definition of a default map for the MapSet, and the directory of all map data.
  2. The BUTTON OVERLAYS leads to a listing of all available map layers or overlays, and offers the possibility to ADD/IMPORT a new overlay with the Map Import dialog.
  3. The BUTTON MAPS leads to the Map Catalog.
  4. The BUTTON COMPOSITION leads back to the main Map Composer level from any its secondary pages.

If a MAP (configuration) is to be stored permanently in the Map Catalog, the user can specify a name before generating a permanent configuration. Other descriptive META data (creation date, user/owner, overlays used, projection, extent) are stored automatically with the new map. At the level of the Map Catalog, a more detailed (free) textual description of the map selection can also be entered.

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