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  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

Last modified on:   Tuesday, 14-Jul-15 18:33 CEST

Map Catalog

The MapCatalog is accessible from the Map Composer level.

The MapCatalog shows all MAPs have been defined with the Map Composer level from a combination of map layers or overalys with a given exctent, aspect ration and domain, and stored as permanent as a thumbnail image together with their user defined short name (by default, system generated unique numerical ID).

Clicking on any one of the small MAP images in the Map Catalog lead to a pop-up page that shows that MAP (in its original viewport) in a larger window together with its META DATA (name, description, owner, creation and modification dates)

The sequence of the map (thumbnails) as shown in the Map Catalog is determined by a user defined (optional) sequence number used for ranking.

The maps shown can be selected as background map for

  1. any georeferenced OBJECT CLASS
  2. any georeferenced OBJECT
  3. model domains and thus modelling results
throughout the system. As an alternative to these maps managed by the AirWare MapServer, any OBJECT class can be configured (at the location setup level of defaults) to use Google maps as a (dynamic) background.

A SELECT button allows to select the MAP as the (new) background for an OBJECT that has called the MapComposer from the map display EDIT button at the OBJECT CLASS selection or OBJECT display level.

From the set of maps shown in the MapCatalog, any individual maps can be selected and shown individually, in a larger window together with its legend,

The SELECT operation changes the default (class specific) background map for the for an OBJECT or OBJECT CLASS, but retains its latest viewport (center point and extent).

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