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        Release Level 6.2
        Release Date 2013 09
        Revision Level 1.0
      Last modified on:   Tuesday, 10-Dec-13 12:16 CET

      MM5 Meteorological Model

      Dynamic 3D meteorological data are calculated using PSU/NCAR mesoscale model (known as MM5). MM5 is a limited-area, nonhydrostatic, terrain-following sigma-coordinate model designed to simulate or predict mesoscale atmospheric circulation. The model is supported by several pre- and post-processing programs, which are referred to collectively as the MM5 modeling system.

      The MM5 modeling system software is mostly written in Fortran, and has been developed at Penn State and NCAR as a community mesoscale model with contributions from users worldwide.

      Model implementation:

      MM5 is implemented for a pre-defined domain covering an area large enough to account for the air flow during the 48 hour simulation period. The model uses two-way nesting between mother domain at a coarse resolution (~ 27 km) and nested domains at finer resolutions (up to ~3 km). The nesting ratio is always 3:1 for two-way interaction, meaning that the nest's input from the coarse mesh comes via its boundaries, while the feedback to the coarser mesh occurs over the nest interior.

      Following points define the requirements for an MM5 installation:

      • ensure that ifort library is installed

      • Make sure following directories exist:
        • $DATA_DIR/mm5/forecast (or standard)
        • $DATA_DIR/matrix/mm5
        • $DATA_DIR/mm5/output/forecast/ (or standard) where $DATA_DIR is specified in GLOBAL.LOCATIONS ("DATA_DIR") of the

      Installation checklist

      • Make sure following files exist and are up-to-date:
        • /var/www/cgi-bin/mm5/mm5camx.linux
        • /var/www/cgi-bin/mm5/mm5camx.cgi
      • Enable passwordless access for 'root' to the application server and > to the MM5 data server.
      • delete crontab entry on the old server, make root crontab entry
      • ensure that all other cgi's contained in the mm5run.cgi, like matrixmpg.cgi
      • run on the application server (" rsh server 'command' " or not)

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