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  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

Last modified on:   Friday, 10-Jul-15 13:36 CEST

CAMx forecast (nested) domains

CAMx forecast scenarios cover one or several nested domains. These can be seen (and edited) from the scenario page, button" Domain".

Individual nested sub-domains can be selected (from the list of all domains defined) and added, resolutions selected, subject to the model domain nesting constraints, for details, see also CAMx sub domains:

  • with the corner points of any subdomain restricted to gric intersections of the main domain,
  • the nested domain resolution an integer fraction [modulo(0)] of the master domain resolution.
    Available resolutions are selected from a pull-down menu.
  • sub-domain must not overlap.

Selection of an incompatibel domain will generate an error message, and is made impossible by the interactive interface.

SysAdmin/Implementation details: Changing CAMx forecast domains

  • Generate MM5 Forecast scenarios (one for each forecast day) for the new domain:
    • set name, domain, resolution, layers
    • make the correct 'STATION_ID' entry in the DB
  • Generate MM5 'FC' scenarios (== the copies belonging to CAMx) for the new domain - set name and domain (the rest will be copied from the "Forecast" scenario)
  • setup mm5 import for the new domain (entry in calculating_server:/data/project/mm5/run/
  • change CAMx domain
  • select the corresponding MM5 'FC' scenario in the CAMx scenario
  • ensure there's enough CPU time for the extended CAMx run

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