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  Release Level 7.0
  Revision Level beta
  Release Date 2015 03

Last modified on:   Wednesday, 15-Jul-15 19:19 CEST

Changing the background map for MM5

Whenever there already exists a preprocessed background image: /var/www/html/DATA/PROJECT/mm5/mapserver/mapserver{DOMAINID} it is used.

When it does not exist:

  • MAPID_DEM of the domain
  • or (if this isn't defined) MAPID_DEM of location setup
  • or (if this isn't defined) MAPID of the domain
  • or (if this isn't defined) MAPID of location setup
is used to create the preprocessed background image.

To change it, preprocessed background images have to be removed manually.

FAST solution:

  • select the map you want for the domain (=> this also brings CAMx to use them). When done, just remove /var/www/html/DATA/PROJECT/mm5/mapserver/mapserver{DOMAINID}
  • With the next MM5 run, new background images should be used.

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