Integrated System for Intelligent Regional
Environmental Monitoring & Management:
ISIREMM Project description

9. Ongoing projects, previous and related proposals

The Laboratory for Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (AUT) and Environmental Software and Services (ESS) are co-ordinator and partner respectively in the Info2000 project AIR-EIA; this project develops a multi-media information resource for the domain of air quality management and environmental impact assessment. The results of this project will provide useful background information and input to ISIREMM.

ESS and LHTEE were also co-ordinator and partner respectively in the Environmental Telematics Applications project ECOSIM. ECOSIM developed an urban environmental information system based on distributed client server architecture, integrating monitoring data with simulation models and an embedded GIS. Results and experience from ECOSIM will provide the starting point for ISIREMM.

The Institute of Atmospheric Optics (IAO) is currently also active in projects of ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurements) Program of US Global Climate Change Program, the EUROTRAC Program Projects Study of Regularities of Interaction Gaseous and Aerosol Components: Modeling of Chemical and Photochemical Processes and Study of Tropospheric Ozone Generation in Boreal Zone in the Presence or Absence of Components of Anthropogenic Origin. The work on survey of environmental situation in Khaborovsk City using lidar and airborne local and remote sensors was performed under contract with the Khaborovsk Regional Administration.

The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics (ICM&MG) participates in several projects within framework of National and International Programs in areas of Mathematical modeling, Ecology and Climate, Environment Protection. Among them are "Global Changes of Environment and Climate" and "World Ocean". Some projects are supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR) and RFBR-INTAS.

The Space Research Institute of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan particpates in a number of related projects within INTAS and TASIS sponsored Programs. Among them are INTAS Project 93-0182. "Atmospheric aerosol in the Asian part of the former Soviet Union (1995-1996)", International program of activity with assistance of European Community (TACIS). Project "Information System for Environment and Agriculture Monitoring, 1998-99.

The Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (IPNASB) participates in projects dealing with different particular relevant problems within framework of National and International Programs, like National Program Development the experimental lidar network for Committee for Hydrometerology of the USSR.

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