Integrated System for Intelligent Regional
Environmental Monitoring & Management:
ISIREMM Project description

6. Community added value and contribution to EU policies

The overall objective of COPERNICUS-2 is to support NIS countries' efforts to develop a pluralistic scientific and technological system and to preserve and develop their research excellence in order to help them solve some of their major economic and societal problems. Regional problems related to environment and health are included here.

ISIREMM addresses these objectives:

  • it aims to improve the collaboration between EU researchers and their NIS partners;

  • it aims to exploit previous EU funded research results from the Telematics Applications programme;

  • it aims to integrate NIS research results in from fields where these groups have developed state-of-the-art results into joint projects and products;

  • it aims to assist the NIS partners in finding new economic roles within the domain of applied research;

  • it aims to help mitigate environmental pollution of considerable local and regional significance;

  • it also aims to mitigate transboundary pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming;

  • it aims to contribute to the development of an open, civic society and increased environmental awareness.

The approach of ISIREMM is modelled after the latest EU environmental directives relating to air quality management, namely the Air Quality Framework Directive 96/62/EC and its daughter directives. The basic logic of threshold values and standards based on ambient concentrations measurements supported by modeling. It also implements some of the ideas and concepts expressed in the Directive 90/313/EEC on public access to environmental information.

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