Integrated System for Intelligent Regional
Environmental Monitoring & Management:
ISIREMM Project description


ISIREMM addresses the problem of industrial pollution, and in particular, air pollution, and its effects on the human and natural environment. In a rapidly changing economic environment there are unique opportunities to include environmental concerns in the ongoing restructuring of heavy, and heavily polluting, industries as well as domestic energy use.

To do this efficiently, the project will be using the results of a FW4 Environmental Telematics Project as the starting point, adapting it to the specific NIS conditions, and extend it with a number of advanced optical and acoustical monitoring methods developed at the NIS partner institutions, into a new environmental management information system. The system will tested in an implementation for the city of Tomsk, Siberia.

ISIREMM will, over a period of three years and in close cooperation between EU and NIS partners, design, develop, implement, and test an environmental management information system combining recent results of the FW4 Environmental Telematics Programme with specifc developments in modeling and monitoring from a number of NIS institutions.

The basic approach of ISIREMM is to integrate simulation modeling with a wide range of monitoring technologies in order to fully exploit all available information resources for environmental management and make the best possible use of the available data. The project is organized in a number of consecutive, overlapping phases of development, integration, and testing; at least two prototyping cycles are foreseen, resulting in two subsequent stages of the ISIREMM Demonstrator implementation and testing.

Major developments in ISIREMM include lidar, photometer (all sky camera) and sodar developments, including their integration into a mobile unit; integration of the monitoring data and satellite imagery with a new generation of 3D aerothermochemistry models based on local and remote (volumetric) sensor (stationary and mobile) data flows for city scale pollutant transport and transformation; and the integration of these components into an interactive decision support system with a public information system component.

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