Industrial Relevance

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The expected results are of considerable interest for both information technology providers as well as for producers and operators of hazardous installations or transport systems for hazardous substances.

Dynamic routing of hazardous goods transports based on environmental criteria provides an additional safety feature to basic vehicle design elements and road information systems. Reducing the probability of transportation accidents (which usually involve considerable costs, including the costs of environmental clean-up) as well as providing decision support information for improved emergency management in case of an accident, makes this an attractive feature (and thus indicates a potential market) for the producers of transportation systems; their operators; the insurance industry; and public institutions concerned with civil defense and emergency management; and the public at large.

For chemical plants, the proposed RTD project falls within the framework of the Directive on the Major Accident Hazards of Certain Industrial Activities (Seveso Directive, 82/501/EEC, 87/216/EEC).

The Directive aims, through laying down requirements for notification of major hazard sites, hazard and risk assessments, safety reports and emergency planning, to prevent major accidents which may cause serious damage to the environment or human health. The Commission has now published its proposals for amending this Directive (COM(94) 4), including requirements for staff training procedures: the use of HITERM for emergency management training involving main possible major accident scenarios as mandated for the detailed safety reports by the Directive is obvious.

This indicates a considerable market potential across Europe, but also for export world wide, not only for the operators of hazardous installations, but also for engineering consultancies in the area of industrial safety. Other end users are government agencies responsible as regulators for the implementation of the Seveso Directive, and civil defense and emergency planning and management institutions.

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